Is Your IT Going The Wrong Direction?

Slow response times? Unfinished projects? Missed expectations and broken promises? Doubts about the security of your IT system? Has your company outgrown the service capabilities of your IT guy?

When it comes to managing your IT, do you ever think “We need more help” or “I wish things were getting done more quickly”.

There is intense pressure on your IT to perform flawlessly across the organization from project planning, management, scheduling supplies and people, maintaining logistics, remote staff, and payroll. Add layers of ever-increasing challenges for cybersecurity, plus user support, plus upgrades, plus projects, plus government compliance and the list goes on.

For instance, when your company experiences a cybersecurity attack, who are they going to see after a breach and who will be held responsible? Are people going to be looking at you or your IT supplier? Are you confident your IT provider has your company secure from cybercriminals? How do you know for sure? Good questions to ponder as the number of cyberattacks continues to rise and the severity of malware keeps getting harder to detect and kill.

We get it. That’s why when we created JR-Tech’s customized service programs, we had business people in mind. How could we best help someone like you?

We would like partner with you and guide your company toward strategic, smart and effective IT solutions that help build your bottom line and keep your IT environment up and running while being safe, secure and stable.

To help you, we would like to offer our best Cybersecurity Threat Assessment including vulnerability and penetration testing for FREE. This is the same deep assessment we run for DOD manufacturers for NIST 800-171 and CMMC compliance clients. It usually costs $2,499 but we would like to give it to you FREE so you know where you stand. We simply want to meet with you and see where we can help.

Please give us a call at 951-319-4080 for a quick 15 minute consultation to see how we might be able to guide your company’s IT in the right direction.



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