Managed Threat Response (SOC and SIEM)

SOC stands for Security Operations Center and SIEM for Security Information Event Management. Tech Guardian’s Managed Threat Response provides the similar functions as a SOC but with faster threat detection to reduce the time the bad guys are in your system.

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What Is Managed Threat Response?

Time is one of the greatest threats if hackers and cyber criminals get into your system. The longer they are in your system undetected the deeper and greater damage they can do to your business.

With Tech Guardian’s Unified Threat Protection, we automatically block 99.98% of any threats that may get into your system. Employees clicking on phishing emails, visiting corrupt web pages and bringing in corrupt downloads are the biggest risks to your business. We protect you from these types of risks with Tech Guardian’s Managed Threat Response (MTR) which detects, investigates and remediates intrusions in your system in an average of 38 minutes. By comparison, internal SOC teams incident closure time can vary from 3.7 hours to 30 hours or more.

Protecting Your Organization From Modern Threats with Unified Threat Management

This time critical service shuts down the bad guys in their tracks and limits any damage they can inflict. For more information please call us at 951-319-4080.

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