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Cybersecurity isn’t a one size fits all service. Fortunately, our Tech Guardian team of security experts can tailor a solution based on your business’s needs. By implementing a cybersecurity framework, your business will be able to stay compliant without compromising security.

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What is a Cybersecurity Framework?

A cybersecurity framework (CSF) is a tool that organizations can use to manage cybersecurity risks. It provides guidance on how to identify, assess and mitigate cybersecurity risks. This framework also helps business leaders establish a common language for discussing cybersecurity risks.

Organizations can use cybersecurity frameworks to improve their cybersecurity posture and reduce their risk of being breached. However, it’s important to note that no framework can guarantee that an organization will never be breached.

Which Organizations Need to Implement a Cybersecurity Framework?

There isn’t a general answer to this question, as the cybersecurity needs of each organization will vary depending on factors such as the size of the organization, compliance requirements based on industry and the types of data it handles.

However, there are some common principles that all businesses should follow when implementing a cybersecurity framework.


Leaders within the business should involve all stakeholders in the process of choosing and implementing a cybersecurity framework. This includes executive leadership, cybersecurity staff and other employees who may be affected by the changes that the CSF will bring about.


Businesses should tailor their CSF to their specific needs. Most industries have a specific set of compliance requirements they must meet to operate securely.


Organizations should consider using multiple cybersecurity frameworks to provide a more comprehensive approach to cybersecurity and make it easier to identify gaps in an organization’s cybersecurity posture.


Periodically review your cybersecurity framework to ensure that it’s still effective. Cybercriminals are constantly evolving and threats are becoming more advanced, so it’s important to review the CSF on a regular basis to make sure it’s still providing adequate protection.

What is NIST CSF Framework?

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework is a voluntary comprehensive approach to security designed by the National Institute Standards and Technology NIST—a non-regulatory agency in the US Department of Commerce.

NIST’s purpose is to help businesses better understand and manage their cybersecurity risks. When you outsource your IT security to Tech Guardian, you get specialized, multilayered cybersecurity services that help your business minimize the risk and maintain NIST compliance.

How Can Implementing NIST Cybersecurity Framework Help Mitigate Business Risk?

Tech Guardian’s cybersecurity and compliance experts partner with your team to assess your organization’s security program against the NIST CSF. Our step-by-step process will identify any weaknesses that need to be addressed and we’ll provide thorough recommendations and guidance on how to bring your program in line with NIST CSF guidelines.

Center for Internet Security Critical Security Controls (CIS)

CIS framework was developed in the late 2000s to protect organizations from cyber threats by implementing 20 security controls. CIS is a great framework for small to mid-sized businesses to implement right away to ensure they have basic controls in place to protect them from cyber risks.

CIS uses benchmarks based on common standards like HIPAA or NIST that map security standards and offer alternative configurations for organizations who may not be subject to mandatory security protocols but are wanting to improve their cyber posture.

How Can Implementing CIS Controls Improve Business Cybersecurity?

Implementing CIS 20 critical security controls helps bolster effective cyber defense and reduces the risk of a cyber attack by 85%. Tech Guardian can provide expert advice and guidance on implementing cybersecurity best practices, such as CIS controls to help organizations navigate the cybersecurity landscape.

Partner with Tech Guardian for Cybersecurity Protection

At Tech Guardian, we provide expert advice and specialized tools to help you navigate the process efficiently. Our ultimate goal is to minimize your business’s risk of data breach by establishing a control-driven approach to cybersecurity. Contact us today for compliance assessments and expert cybersecurity guidance.

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