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​​Tech Guardian offers reliable business phone systems to help your team manage all of your communication needs. Get in touch with us today to update your communication abilities with a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) provider.

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Reliable and Secure Business Phone Systems

“VoIP” or “Voice over Internet Protocol,” is a technology that allows you to deliver and receive voice communications through the internet using data streams, essentially replacing your traditional analog line. Traditional phone lines can be a hassle to install, maintain and repair when malfunctioning. VoIP is a disaster-proof, cordless and efficient alternative.

With Tech Guardian as your VoIP service provider, you get an IT company that knows your IT system intimately. This means we design and customize your phones to run on your IT system. Other “phone providers” don’t – which leads to issues down the road.

What Are the
Benefits of VoIP?

Transitioning Over To A VoIP System Provides A Number Of Benefits For Your Business Including:

Reduced Cost

One noticeable benefit of VoIP services is the low cost, especially in comparison to traditional phone systems. These services don’t require a separate system or hardware, just an internet connection. You’ll save money on expensive equipment alone and even more when you partner with Tech Guardian for your VoIP solutions.


With many companies transitioning into remote work, VoIP helps make the process smooth and effective. If you or your employees are working remotely and need to use a phone for external or internal communication, with Tech Guardian VoIP systems in place, all you’ll need is a connection to the internet.


Tech Guardian offers customizable VoIP solutions so that regardless of the size of your business, you can get the perfect set up for your unique needs. And if you ever need to scale up or down, you can do so easily without having to purchase or install additional phone lines or hardware.

Excellent Voice Quality

It can be unproductive and might reflect negatively on your business if the quality of your phone audio is low and unclear. With Tech Guardian VoIP services, audio quality is perfectly clear – allowing for improved call efficiency and professionalism.

Tech Guardian Boosts Communication Securely

Tech Guardian offers secure VoIP solutions safe from cybersecurity threats so that you can have an efficient, worry-free and reliable phone system for your business. We’ll install your system for you to ensure flawless incorporation with the public phone network.

Contact us today to see how we can help your business’s internal and external communication become more efficient and secure with the right VoIP solution.

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Why Does Your Company Need Secure VoIP Solutions?

Although there are many benefits to VoIP systems, it’s important to make sure your VoIP systems are secure and safe from cybersecurity threats. Here are some threats that can arise when VoIP solutions are in place:

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