Tangled Up In A Messy IT Relationship?

We make changing IT providers easy & pain-free with no upfront costs!

We have developed an easy and pain-free process to help transition you out of your current “IT tangled relationship”.

It starts with a 15 minute phone call where we start to get to know your IT and business concerns.

Secondly, we have a meeting with you to discuss your business goals, wants and needs. For example, we will talk about your tolerance for risk and cybersecurity. This is a business discussion, not about IT.

Next we will conduct a cybersecurity threat assessment. Here we take a deep dive into your IT environment. This is the same intensive assessment used for cybersecurity compliance with DoD contractors. During the assessment, we will develop a baseline, find threats to your environment and determine your technical debt. We review the findings with you so we can have business discussion to shape and align your goals and priorities.

We then create a custom proposal reflecting the assessment findings and business goals and priorities and review it with you to give you the confidence and assurance that we will be the best IT partner for you. We can even help with what to say to your current “tangled IT provider” if needed.

With your agreement, we will begin a transition that will be easy and orderly, including weekly status meetings to review our progress.

The process is designed for a fast, and pain-free transition in a matter of weeks. Additionally, we can transition your IT with no upfront costs!

Schedule a 15-minute call with us to discover what excellent IT support is all about at 951-319-4080.


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