Jarom’s new Amazon #1 Best Selling book, “From Exposed To Secure” reveals the scams that are coming for your company and what to do to eliminate exposure and minimize risk.

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Cybercrime is a BILLION-DOLLAR industry and small businesses are the most heavily targeted victims.

From Exposed To Secure features top cybersecurity and compliance experts with decades of experience sharing the BEST security measures to protect your company from fines, lawsuits, loss of revenue and reputational damage.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

From The New Book, From Exposed To Secure:
  • The biggest cyberthreats that could take your company down. Page 18.
  • How to take the confusion out of compliance. Page 32.
  • The incorrect perceptions on compliance that could be putting you in danger. Page 41.
  • 8 best practices to minimize risk. Page 63.
  • The surprising first line of defense. Page 72.
  • How to protect yourself from fines…and jail. Page 141.
  • 10 strategies you must have in place to be considered for insurance. Page 174.
  • Critical steps to take immediately if you are hacked. Page 182.
  • How an IT expert keeps her own kids safe online. Page 205.
  • And much more!

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When you’re a business owner, every dollar counts. You can’t afford to be vulnerable to increasingly sneaky cybersecurity threats. Jam-packed with proven and cutting-edge practices, this book is your weapon to outsmart hackers, stay in business and feel empowered to protect yourself and your company.

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Meet The Author

Jarom Renfeldt is the founder and president of Tech Guardian, a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) that partners with companies nationwide to help them become compliant. In April 2023, Tech Guardian earned its MSSP credentials—a major milestone for the company—something Jarom and the Tech Guardian team have been working on since 2001. An MSSP is a specialized type of MSP that is specifically dedicated to security services. Besides the standard MSP security services, Tech Guardian offers more advanced services, such as threat intelligence (collecting and analyzing data to help you make better cyber security decisions) and threat hunting (searching for cyber threats that may have already infiltrated a network but have not yet been detected by standard security systems).

Tech Guardian provides its clients with a “Solution Stack” comprised of top-tier security tools from the world’s most highly rated and respected security companies. What sets Tech Guardian apart from many regular MSPs is that they are fully compliant themselves with the various compliance frameworks they work with, including PCI (Payment Card Industry), CIS (Center for Internet Security), HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), FTC Safeguard (financial sector compliance) and CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification). Plus, they are well-versed in each state’s compliance laws to serve businesses in every state.

Involved with technology since he was 15 when he built his first computer, Jarom has been in the IT Industry for over 27 years. At 17, he was working at Packard Bell doing tech support. Two years later, he was working for Microsoft. While attending college and touring different manufacturing companies, Jarom realized that small to medium-sized companies don’t have nearly the level of technical sophistication that large companies do. So Jarom started JR-Tech in his spare time.

Using a system called Smart Factory, he improved manufacturing companies’ productivity by enabling communication with their computer-controlled machines. By the time he graduated, JR-Tech was a full-running company helping manufacturing companies improve their cybersecurity in California’s Inland Empire. In 2020, they started offering compliance services. Jarom, who has an engineering degree from California State Polytechnical University’s Pomona College of Engineering, uses the design engineering process to promote innovation, problem-solving, quality improvement, etc. In April 2023, upon becoming an MSSP, JR-Tech became Tech Guardian.

Jarom is the author of ‘Business IT 101: The Business Owner’s Guide for Finding Hassle-free Computer Support’ where he educates business owners to leverage technology for competitive advantage and business growth. He is a member of top IT associations and is active in local and national IT communities.

Jarom has been a Boy Scout leader and mentor for 15 years. He volunteers with HOPE (Helping Our People in Elsinore) and is active in the community through church and civic service. He is an action sports enthusiast, loves the outdoors, and, above all, enjoys spending time with his wife and four boys. now.

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