Does your IT department come to you for more money, more tools, more staff, more help, but you constantly have to tell them to “make do” until you can find the budget for it?   

Do you have a sneaking suspicion that your IT department is stretched to their limit, unable to get ahead of the crushing workload and endless number of projects to complete.

Are you worried that your IT department may not be adequately prepared and equipped to handle a serious cybersecurity breach or recover you from a ransomware attack?  

We have a solution for your consideration.

Introducing Co-Managed IT

JR-Tech’s Co-Managed IT solution is a way for growing companies to get a team of IT technicians with specialized expertise in IT management, cybersecurity and access to best-in-class IT software.  Our Co-Managed IT saves you the cost and difficulty of finding, managing and retaining a larger IT staff and investing in expensive software tools.

This is not about taking over your IT leader’s job or replacing your IT department. It’s also not a one-off project-based relationship where an IT company would limit their support to an “event” (although we can help you with projects).

It is a flexible partnership to help you get superior IT support and services at a much lower cost.

Right now, get a FREE Executive Report “The CEO’s Guide To Co-Managed IT” and learn if it is the right direction for your company.

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