Weekly Security Tip – 03/26/2020



This week’s topic: Emerging Coronavirus Scams


As the global health crisis intensifies, cybercriminals are escalating their attacks. Preying on a new massive pool of employees working from home, cybercriminals are trying out new and clever scams that are having a much higher success rate.

In this week’s security tip video, we will take an updated look at some of the new Coronavirus related scams that are on the rise.



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Quick Tips

  • Watch out for investment or “get rich quick” scams related to a Coronavirus vaccine.
  • Be careful with outbreak maps that can be downloaded from the internet or on social media.

Given the current global health crisis, this week we are combining the regularly scheduled Monthly Newsletter with a new Micro Training video on the above scams to keep you informed. This month’s newsletter topic is on Identity Theft and Data Breaches. You can access this month’s Security Newsletter in your portal by copying and pasting this link in your browser: https://www.pii-protect.com/security_news_letters/send_file/60/attachment/





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