The cost of a cyber-attack can be high enough to put a company out of business. According to the National Cyber Security Alliance, 60 percent of small and mid-sized businesses that are hacked go out of business with-in six months.
That’s what we mean by going “Splat”.

For the companies that have gone SPLAT and are out of business, the most common trait is the owners were complacent and did not take cyber security seriously. We want to help you from going SPLAT. To protect your company, there are four steps with key questions that you’ll want to know the answers to keep hackers out of your IT system:

1)    Determine your company’s current cybersecurity status.

Questions- Is anyone in charge of our cybersecurity? What defenses do we have in place? Can we pinpoint our weak spots?

2) Identify the key person to be accountable for your cybersecurity.

Questions – Who should be responsible for cybersecurity? What processes need to be in place for accountability and security? How do we create awareness and the need for cybersecurity across all departments and personnel?

3)    Take inventory of your assets, determine their value and prioritize the most critical.

Questions – What are the most important assets needing protection? Customer data? Intellectual property? Personal data about employees and vendors?

4)    Decide what business capabilities and cybersecurity measures you want to manage yourself versus outsourcing.

Questions – Should we outsource our cybersecurity to a third-party partner or handle ourselves? What about fractional CIO model and seek cybersecurity consulting? 

Getting a straight answer when it comes to the protection and security of your data and IT system should not be a problem. Plus, every business in California needs to be in compliance with the CIS 20 Controls. Do you know if you are currently in compliance?

To help you get answers to these questions, we have a FREE Cybersecurity Threat Analysis and CIS 20 Compliance Report that we would like to give to you for just meeting with us.
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