The current movie “Skyscraper” stars ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson and Neve Campbell.  Technology takes a starring role in the form of the largest and most technologically advanced building in the world called “The Pearl”.  In the movie, technology is used for good and bad.  The evil characters leverage technology in a bad way, while the good guys create and innovate technology for the good.  The interesting thing about the movie we can all relate to, is the shut down and reboot.

Early in the movie, Neve Campbell’s character needs her husband (The Rock) to fix her phone.  Dwayne Johnson’s character simply fixes the seemingly complex technology phone issue with a simple restart and saves his wife’s day.  He remarks that 90% of the issues with technology can be solved with a shut down and restart.

It’s true that a simple restart can fix many of our everyday technology issues.

Technology grows so fast that it is common to have many patches and updates for software and hardware.  Microsoft is in the midst of a season of extensive patches as Window’s technology grows.  The one thing required for patches and updates is…the restart.

The restart is like our brains and bodies needing sleep.  We shut down, and when we awake the world is slightly different and brand new.

The restart for our technology tools is just like that.  We get updates and patches for our computers, servers, cell phones and printers.  We shut down the device. Then turn them back on.  Most of the time it works like magic.

And when the simple restart doesn’t work, give us a call at Tech Guardian.  We’ll make your technology work how it is supposed to work and move your business forward.

Jeffrey with The Rock.
(Yes, The Rock is a good guy!)