Is Your Business Protected?

Businesses are under increasing threats from cyber-criminals as they often rely on human error to penetrate into IT networks.  It is usually employees failing to install software patches or clicking on malicious links that allows the bad guys to gain access into systems.

Be cyber-smart and help create a business culture of cyber-security awareness in your organization. From senior leadership to the newest employee, cyber-security requires everyone to help keep data, customers, and capital safe and secure.  Below are 5 quick tips to help stay safe:

1) Treat business information as if it is your own personal information – Don’t share PII with unknown parties over unsecured networks.

2) Don’t make passwords easy to guess – Use complex passwords using upper, lower case letters, numbers and symbols.

3) Stay up to date – Keep software up to date by turning on automatic updates, so you don’t have to think about it.

4) Social media is part of the hackers tool set – Avoid oversharing and do not conduct official business of any kind on social media platforms.

5) It only takes one time – Many breaches can be sourced back to a single security vulnerability such as a phishing attack.  Be aware and cautious!

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