As the days get longer and we enjoy the Spring season, it is easy to get distracted by Spring Fever.   The one area not to neglect or be complacent about is the security of your IT system.  Cybercriminals and hackers seem to work extra hard with small and medium businesses feeling the brunt.  It is a fact that almost 60% of small businesses have had their systems breached in the last year.

Many business owners think their existing IT guys “Have it covered”.  While this is most likely misplaced confidence, there is an over-arching theme of complacency on the part of business owners.  There are three basic parts to the equation:

1) In the last 18 months, there has been exponential growth of cybercrime.  There is more malware being developed to the point that traditional anti-virus and firewalls can no longer protect systems like in the recent past.

2) Most “IT Guys” are generalists.  To keep businesses safe, there needs to be a Cybersecurity expert, who knows the latest tools, training and best practices protect the business that most IT Guys really don’t have. (We are fully trained and certified cybersecurity experts.)

3)   Business owners who think “it won’t happen to me, I’m too small.” (complacency)


With new laws and regulatory compliance (NIST- Section 171, GDPR, and State of California “reasonable protection”) business owners need to be especially diligent about protecting their data.

Tech Guardian is offering a FREE Cybersecurity Assessment with vulnerability and penetration testing.  This assessment usually costs $1,499, but we are offering it FREE until May 31th.  We know the importance and it could determine the survival of many businesses. Please call at 951-319-4080 or visit us at: to schedule your risk assessment!