The Dark Web.  It is as scary as it sounds.

This is the place where cybercriminals conduct their business.  In the Dark Web, anonymity allows criminals to buy and sell hacking tools and the results of their hacks…personal and private information stolen from your business database.

The cybercriminal deals in information. Data that they steal and resell to other criminals to use in additional attacks on your business:

· Whaling attacks- where criminals use social engineering to learn how to talk like your high ranking executives via email.  Such individuals have access to trade secrets and passwords to administrative company accounts. Attackers masquerade as high ranking legitimate authority to ask for payments or critical information pretending to be a CEO, client or business partner.

· Spear phishing– personalized email scams appearing to be from sources close to the target, such as employees from the same department.

· Phishing– emails sent in bulk pretending to be trusted sources that attempt to lure users to click and download malicious software / malware or to go to a fake web site and disclose private information.

Unfortunately, your private data is most likely already available in the Dark Web.

If you want to find out, make an appointment to meet with us.  We will conduct a FREE Dark Web scan to see if any of your business information is there.  

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While you meet with us about your IT security, we will conduct our Cyber Security Risk Assessment.  We will report back to you where your business stands in meeting the CIS 20 Controls which is required for every business in California.

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