Asking the right questions is the way to get the best results.  In the case of your cybersecurity, it can mean the difference between running your business efficiently or getting attacked by hackers, being held for ransom and possibly going out of business.

CEO’s should be asking the following questions about potential cybersecurity threats and risks against their companies:

· What is our company’s current level of risk for a cybersecurity attack and is this risk acceptable?

· How could cybersecurity threats affect the different functions of my   business, including areas such as supply chain, public relations, finance, and human resources?

· What type of critical information could be lost (e.g., trade secrets, customer data, research, personally identifiable information)?

· How can my business create long-term resiliency to minimize our cybersecurity risks?

· What kind of cyber threat information sharing does my business participate in? With whom does my business exchange this information (vendors, logistics, financial partners, clients, government)?

· What type of information sharing practices could my business adopt that would help foster community among the different cybersecurity groups where my business is a member?

· Do we have adequate backups in place?  How long will it take to recover the data?

· Do we have a disaster recovery plan in place including an incident response plan?  Have we ever practiced the plan?

· Are we training our employees to protect the company from outside threats including websites, social media and phishing attempts?

· Are we protecting the company from inside threats?

· How do we start to address our cybersecurity risks?

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